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The Accurate Altimeter App is a powerful tool that provides users with precise altitude measurements using their smartphones. This app is designed for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, climbers, and anyone who wants to know their elevation accurately. With advanced technology and reliable data sources, the Accurate Altimeter App offers users a convenient and accurate way to track their altitude in real-time.

The app utilizes GPS technology and barometric pressure sensors to calculate altitude with high precision. It provides users with detailed information about their current elevation, including altitude above sea level, vertical ascent and descent, and historical altitude data. Whether you’re exploring mountains, hiking trails, or engaging in outdoor activities, the Accurate Altimeter App is a valuable companion for monitoring your elevation.

Features & Benefits

  1. Real-Time Altitude Tracking: The Accurate Altimeter App provides users with real-time altitude measurements. It leverages GPS technology and barometric pressure sensors to calculate accurate elevation data. Users can rely on this app to monitor their altitude as they move, ensuring they stay aware of their location and elevation changes.
  2. Detailed Altitude Information: This app offers more than just the current altitude. It provides users with additional details such as altitude above sea level, vertical ascent and descent, and historical altitude data. This information allows users to track their progress, analyze their hiking or climbing performance, and gain insights into their elevation patterns over time.
  3. Offline Mode: The Accurate Altimeter App offers an offline mode, which is especially useful when venturing into remote areas with limited or no internet connectivity. Users can download maps and elevation data in advance, allowing them to track their altitude even without an active internet connection. This feature ensures that users can rely on the app’s accuracy and functionality in various outdoor settings.
  4. Altimeter Widget: The app provides an altimeter widget that can be added to the smartphone’s home screen. This widget displays the current altitude at a glance, allowing users to access their altitude information quickly and conveniently without opening the app itself. It provides easy access to vital elevation data while using other apps or navigating their device.
  5. Shareable Data: The Accurate Altimeter App allows users to share their altitude data with others. Whether you want to show off your hiking achievements or simply share your current elevation with friends and family, this feature enables users to easily share their altitude information through social media, messaging apps, or email.


  • High Accuracy: The Accurate Altimeter App is known for its precision in measuring altitude. By utilizing GPS technology and barometric pressure sensors, it offers users reliable and accurate elevation data. This accuracy enhances the user experience and ensures that outdoor enthusiasts can trust the app’s readings.
  • Comprehensive Altitude Information: The app provides users with a wealth of altitude-related information, including altitude above sea level, vertical ascent and descent, and historical altitude data. This comprehensive data allows users to track their progress, analyze their performance, and gain insights into their elevation patterns over time.
  • Offline Functionality: The offline mode of the app is a valuable feature for outdoor activities in remote areas. Users can download maps and elevation data in advance, ensuring that they can rely on the app’s accuracy even without an internet connection. This functionality enhances the app’s usability and reliability in various outdoor settings.


  • Battery Consumption: The Accurate Altimeter App relies on GPS and barometric pressure sensors, which can consume significant battery power. Continuous use of the app for extended periods may drain the smartphone’s battery more quickly. Users should be mindful of their device’s battery life and consider carrying a backup power source when engaging in prolonged outdoor activities.
  • Dependence on Sensors: The accuracy of the app’s altitude readings relies on the availability and proper functioning of GPS and barometric pressure sensors in the user’s smartphone. In some cases, environmental factors or device limitations may affect the accuracy of the readings. Users should be aware of potential limitations and consider calibrating or verifying altitude data with other sources when necessary.
  • Learning Curve: While the Accurate Altimeter App strives to be user-friendly, some users may initially find it challenging to navigate and utilize all of its features effectively. The app offers tutorials and guidance, but users may need to invest some time in familiarizing themselves with the app’s interface and settings.

Apps Like Accurate Altimeter

  1. Altitude Tracker: This app provides accurate altitude measurements using GPS technology. It offers real-time tracking, historical altitude data, and an altimeter widget for quick access. Altitude Tracker also includes additional features like weather information and sunrise/sunset times, making it a comprehensive tool for outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Elevate – Altitude Tracker: Elevate is another reliable app for measuring altitude. It utilizes GPS and barometric pressure sensors to deliver accurate elevation data. The app features real-time tracking, offline mode, and detailed altitude information. It also offers a clean and intuitive user interface, making it easy to use for both beginners and experienced users.
  3. PeakFinder: While not primarily an altimeter app, PeakFinder is a popular tool for outdoor enthusiasts. It uses augmented reality to identify mountain peaks and provides information about their elevations. Users can point their smartphone’s camera at the landscape, and the app overlays the names and altitudes of surrounding peaks. It’s a unique and informative app for those interested in exploring mountains and identifying their heights.

These three apps offer similar functionality to the Accurate Altimeter App, providing users with accurate altitude measurements and additional features for outdoor adventures. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, one of these apps may be a suitable alternative to consider.


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The Accurate Altimeter App proves to be a valuable tool for outdoor enthusiasts seeking precise altitude measurements. With its real-time tracking, comprehensive altitude information, offline mode, and shareable data features, it offers users a reliable and convenient way to monitor their elevation. While the app has its limitations, such as battery consumption and reliance on sensors, its benefits outweigh these drawbacks for most users. The positive user reviews reflect the app’s effectiveness and usability in various outdoor settings. If you’re an avid hiker, climber, or outdoor adventurer, the Accurate Altimeter App is worth considering for accurate and dependable altitude tracking.

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